Red Sonja: Worlds Away Vol. 1
Things From Another World

Red Sonja: Worlds Away Vol. 1

Dynamite Entertainment, August 9, 2017

The barbarian She-Devil with a Sword faces a whole different world - New York City - in this new adventure written by Amy Chu (Poison Ivy, Kiss) and drawn by Carlos Gomez (The Dresden Files). Somewhere deep underground, strange and powerful demons clad in metal armor attack and roust Red Sonja from a deep magical sleep. Confused and weaponless, she must find a way to defeat these mysterious creatures, escape from her solitary prison, and make her way to the surface to discover where she is, and why the evil Kulan Gath summoned her there!

Amy Chu
Carlos E. Gomez
Cover Illustrator
Nick Bradshaw
Trade Paperback or Graphic Novel
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