Lady Death: Damnation Game #1 (Ortiz 10 Copy Cover)

Intended for mature audiences

Lady Death rescues an innocent boy dragged to Hell, inciting an ultra-violent quest into the depths of Damnation, a depraved city hosting "The Hades Engine", a contraption that can return the boy to earth. But Lady Death's actions bring her into direct conflict with the nefarious Hellwitch (1st appearance alert). Who will live? Who will die? With her return to Hell, Lady Death is public enemy number one, and you know what? She wouldn't have it any other way. Let the mayhem begin!

Creator Brian Pulido is reunited with his diabolical creation. If you want unapologetic, heavy metal inspired comics that kick your ass, creator Brian Pulido cordially invites all "Fiends" to get Lady Death: Damnation Game #1.

Cover Illustrator