Windsor McCay: The Complete Little Nemo Vol. Xl

Meet Little Nemo, a diminutive hero of comic history, but one of the greatest dream voyagers of the 20th century, and a masterpiece of narrative imagination. Created by Winsor McCay, restless sleeper Nemo travelled in a weekly, full-page comic strip from bed to Slumberland, a fantastical realm of colorful companions, psychedelic scenery, fears and adventures, all of which ended abruptly when Nemo awoke in the final panel. TASCHEN's sumptuous Winsor McCay: The Complete Little Nemo 1905-1927 collects, for the very first time, and in full, glorious color, all 550 episodes of Little Nemo in Slumberland. In his extensive accompanying text, illustrated by historical photographs and documents, art historian and comics expert Alexander Braun places Winsor McCay's life and work within the cultural history of the U.S. media and entertainment industry.

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