The Age of Bronze Vol. 3: Betrayal, Part 1

Betrayal continues the award-winning graphic novel retelling of the Trojan War. The famous names of legend breathe anew as ancient Troy springs to life once more.

The army of High King Agamemnon battles its way across the sea toward Troy. On the island of Tenedos the young warrior Achilles leads the army to the attack. But before the slaughter ends, Achilles unexpectedly seals his fate.

During the feast of victory, a snake bites Philoktetes on the foot. His cries of pain are so loud and long that the army can't stand having him around. Leave it to Odysseus to find a solution to the problem, a solution that satisfies the army but doesn't sit quite so well with Philoktetes.

The Trojans are busy, preparing to repel an onslaught. Prince Hektor hopes that war can be stopped before it starts. And when Agamemnon sends an embassy from the army to Priam, peace seems within grasp. But it's by no means sure. At long last Helen faces the husband she left behind. Will flying sparks rekindle a flame between them or ignite a conflagration that consumes all?

In Betrayal, graphic novelist Eric Shanower continues his unique and detailed vision of one of the greatest stories in the world.

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