Hinamatsuri Vol. 18

Atsushi's hell-bent insistence on revolutionizing music as we know it, coupled with Hitomi's boundless professional success, is sending the entire nation of Japan hurtling toward destruction. With the situation already too far out of control for any one of our heroes to grapple with, the only option is to band together-literally! Join Hina, Anzu, and Mao as they tap into their inner rebel, turning their all-new girl group into an underground sensation that just might have the momentum to make Rockllusion a real phenomenon. Nitta and Hitomi are helping out behind the scenes, smoothing out their differences as they prepare to take the corporate world by storm. And back at the Nitta residence, NITTA VER 4.0 is officially part of the family, and he's about to try his hand at duties outside the home.

Cover Illustrator
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