Gryffen #2 (Shavrin Virgin Cover)

Intended for mature audiences

Cover by Ivan Shavrin, the series artist for Heavy Metal's Starward, plus published work by BOOM! Studios, Dark Horse, and Marvel.

Gryffen's crusade of terror against the fascist Sovereign Reach has ignited the empire's wrath, and the fate of an entire planet hangs in the balance! Gryffen and their crew's quest to save the planet Ensara comes to a fiery climax, as the ruthless Admiral Hunter joins the fray! What secrets do Gryffen and Hunter share, and why is the admiral willing to spill an ocean of blood just to see Gryffen dead? If Gryffen wants to prevent a genocide, it'll take daring, fringe science, and a little bit of being shot into the cold void space.

Cover Illustrator