Trials of X Vol. 11

Shocking secrets of the Trials of X! Doctor Stasis makes his deadliest move yet as Captain Krakoa takes charge of the X-Men! But what is the lie at the heart of the newest mutant hero? When the Shi'ar Empire faces an unexpected threat, their call for help is answered by the X-Men! Wait, aren't those the mutants who lost the election?! Meanwhile, Sabretooth was sentenced to an eternity of torment in the Pit - but hell is where he feels most at home. And the truth about Emma Frost's past with the Kingpin of Crime finally comes to light!

Collecting X-MEN (2021) #7, THE SECRET X-MEN #1, SABRETOOTH (2022) #1 and DEVIL'S REIGN: X-MEN #1-2.

Cover Illustrator
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