Disney Masters Vol. 17: The Man From Altacraz

Mickey Mouse and Uncle Scrooge tackle crafty - and not-so-crafty - crooks in adventures in these comics stories by legendary Italian "Maestro" Romano Scarpa! In "The Man from Altacraz," Mickey tries to reform musical ex-convict J. Cobalt Bloogle - but another master criminal is using both Bloogle and Mickey to get his hands on a priceless treasure! Then, in "The African Queen," Goofy falls in love with Zenobia, ruler of a lost jungle kingdom... and Mickey's troubles are only getting started! When Disney Legend Floyd Gottfredson stopped creating new Mickey Mouse adventure serials in 1955, Italian Disney cartoonist Romano Scarpa (1927-2005) picked up the Mickey mantle - telling decades' worth of legendary tales himself! Now Fantagraphics is anthologizing Scarpa's best - and beyond this book's Mickey tales, we're also including Scrooge McDuck versus the Beagle Boys in "Risky Bees-Ness"... the tale of a sting gone wrong!

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