New X-Men: The Quest for Magik (Complete Collection)

X-23's past returns to haunt the New X-Men! Can she and Hellion rescue Mercury before the horrifying, mutant-eating Predator X is unleashed? Then, the demonic Belasco pulls the X-Mansion into Limbo - and he's looking for Magik! Illyana Rasputin has returned to life, and Belasco will put the New X-Men through literal hell until he finds her! With the team scattered, wounded and terrified, all hope seems lost. But Illyana has arrived, mad as hell - and she wants her soul back! Can Pixie, of all people, help save the day? And when Magik's quest catches the attention of the other demon lords, the X-Men must help Illyana find herself before an ancient evil is unleashed!

Collecting NEW X-MEN (2004) #33-39, #40-42 (A STORIES) and #43; X-INFERNUS #1-4 and SAGA; and material from X-MEN UNLIMITED (2004) #14 and X-MEN: DIVIDED WE STAND #2.