Time Lincoln: Fate of the Union

Collects Time Lincoln, Time Lincoln: Fists of Führer, Time Lincoln: Apocalypse Mao, Time Lincoln: Cuba Commander and Time Lincoln: Jack to the Future Fred Perry's chrono-venture saga of Abe Lincoln and his Time Travelers Team has found new life as a limited edition!

This action-packed epic now comes with a special, signed dust jacket, but quantities may be limited, so get a copy before time runs out! Taken out of time on the night of his assassination, Abraham Lincoln learns he must forge a team to save all of history from the Tyrant of Time, Void Stalin!

Faced with fiends like Mephitler and Apocalypse Mao, Lincoln joins with such historic heroes as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin and George Washington Carver.

In his last hour, he lived a lifetime!

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