X-Men: Operation Zero Tolerance

A rogue faction of the U.S. government, backed by powerful international forces and led by the man known only as Bastion, is about to launch a massive strike against the X-Men with one goal: the extermination of the entire mutant race. With Jubilee and Professor X captives, the X-Mansion overrun and Prime Sentinels darkening the skies, the X-Men, X-Force and Generation X must fight a war on many fronts. And it's a war they're losing. This is the X-Men's darkest hour. Collecting GENERATION X #26-31, X-FORCE (1991) #67-70, X-MEN (1991) #65-70, UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #346, WOLVERINE (1988) #115-118, CABLE (1993) #45-47 and X-MAN #30.

Cover Illustrator