Amnesia Labyrinth Vol. 2

Amnesia Labyrinth Vol. 2

Unknown, June 15, 2011

Intended for mature audiences

With the police no closer to finding the killer responsible for the murders of three high school students, Souji Kushiki and his plucky girlfriend Yukako continue down their own path of investigation.

While Yukako seems to hit a dead end in her detective work, Souji has his own disturbing suspicions. He's narrowed down the list of suspects to just a handful of people: his family!

Could one of his clingy, possessive younger sisters really be the killer? Or could the dark truth go deeper than even Souji imagined?

Whatever the answer, someone else will soon die and Souji's world will be rocked to the core!

Nagaru Tanigawa
Natsumi Kohane
Trade Paperback or Graphic Novel
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