Electric Ant

Intended for mature audiences

When Garson Poole wakes up in a hospital after a horrific accident, he's surprised to find that he's missing a hand - yet feels no pain. His surprise turns to shock when the hospital discharges him. You see, Garson Poole is not human. He's an Electricant, an elaborate robot with an organic skin overlay. So why would a machine think it's the rich and successful owner of Tri-Plan Electronics? Poole sets out to uncover why he's been deluded into believing he's human in this mind-bending tale based on sci-fi master Philip K. Dick's novella. Where does his programming stop, and free will start? What is the nature of reality, and how much of it takes place within us, and can be bent to our will? Garson Poole will find out, and so will you! Collecting ELECTRIC ANT #1-5.