Vampirella / Dracula: Rage

Inconsolable grief hardens into unstoppable fury in Vampirella/Dracula: Rage, as Vampirella tracks the cultists who threaten her son across Europe and America, unsettling political and economic alliances and unraveling the global network of the baby's father - Dracula!

In a macabre exchange of norms, it is Dracula, the Lord of Vampires, who now hunts the elusive Vampiri in an effort to save Vampirella from herself - or, more precisely, to save her from becoming just like him.

Bookending Vampirella/Dracula: Unholy and Vampirella: Year One, this climactic, take-no-prisoners tale from acclaimed author CHRISTOPHER PRIEST and celebrated artist CHRISTIAN ROSADO brings Vampirella's conflict with the Prince of Darkness to its ultimate conclusion - and marks an unprecedented turning point for the Daughter of Drakulon!

Collects Vampirella/Dracula: Rage #1-6.

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