The Army of Darkness vs. Reanimator: Necronomicon Rising #2 (Sayger Cover)

When an archaeological dig unveils an important element from the world of the Army of Darkness, it ends up in the absolute worst hands of all... Dr. Herbert West. As West tinkers in God's domain, our reluctant hero is once more drawn within the sphere of destiny as he faces a triple threat of danger!

This issue: Bad Ash and Herbert have teamed up, but it's the Necronomicon that's large and in charge. And wait, what's that Ash spies with his little eyes? A portal! That can't be good, can it?

Writer Erik Burnham is joined by returning Dynamite artist Eman Casallos to bring you all of the excitement and deadite action! Joining Dynamite superstar cover artists Arthur "Zombie King" Suydam and Stuart (KISS) Sayger is Tony (Stray Dogs) Fleecs and the Dynamite debut of Christopher (Hellboy) Mitten!

Cover Illustrator
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