2000 AD August 2021 Prog Pack

Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! In Progs 2243-2245, Judge Dredd tracks down the Judge-killer in "Now That's What I Call Justice"; Dexter and his comrades brave the sewers in a bid to escape Downlode in "Somewhere, Beyond the Sea" by Dan Abnett and Tazio Bettin; Nolan Blake battles an old enemy in Skip Tracer: "Eden" by James Peaty and Paul Marshall; and Aquila faces off against a Titan in "The Rivers of Hades" by Gordon Rennie and Patrick Goddard! Prog 2246 is the third of 2021's Regened all-ages bumper issues, and it's another rip-roaring line-up of stories, including Cadet Dredd, sky-surfer Chopper, the dimension-jumping 'Splorers, and more!