Sea Creatures: A Smithsonian Coloring Book

Voyage beneath the waves to realms of beauty and mystery-ready for you to color! The Smithsonian Institute presents an awe-inspiring new coloring book that explores the diverse biology of our underwater world. With this meticulously illustrated coloring book, sea-faring fans of all ages can unlock wonders of the oceanic depths, interacting with the diverse terrain and species that inhabit these watery spaces. Guided by experts from The Smithsonian and brought to life by Rachel Curtis (Birds: A Smithsonian Coloring Book), these rich pen and ink illustrations invite you to step into captivating scenes featuring the giant squid, sharks, narwhals, electric eels, manatees, turtles, rays, the record-setting Megalodon, and more. Fans of coloring books and aquatic life will find an enchanting realm to explore with their own creativity. Each page of Sea Creatures: A Smithsonian Coloring Book not only stands alone as a work of art, but is also accompanied by brief and fascinating insights from museum experts, ensuring that time spent coloring is also time spent learning. This book's deluxe ivory paper allows for a variety of artistic media like pen, pencil, or even watercolor, to ensure your creative vision comes to life just the way you want-and lasts for years to come.

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