2000 AD August 2020 Prog Pack

Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! In Progs 2193-2195, the world plunges ever closer to the apocalypse in Judge Dredd: "End of Days"; deep-space extravaganza "Full Tilt Boogie" comes to its explosive finale; history takes a different path in The Order: "Land of the Free"; and photo-journalist Cyd Finlea gets caught up in a galactic war in "The Out"! Then, in Prog 2196, it's another 48pp all-ages Regened issue: Cadets Joe and Rico Dredd take out a juve gang in "Bad Seeds"; we meet Dept K, the Justice Department branch dealing with other dimensions; criminal on the run Pandora Perfect makes her debut; and ghost-hunters Meera and Eliot return in Finder & Keeper: "The Curse of Kreepindeth"!