Zorro: Galleon of the Dead #4 (Pulp Cover)

Zorro's most spectacular, action-packed, and downright hypnotically horrifying adventure concludes in a finale that will leave you breathless! Held prisoner aboard the Galleon of the Dead, Zorro and Lady Zorro must join forces to defeat the high-flying, unkillable El Hijo del Muerte. But even if they vanquish their foe who is sailing them on a course toward Hell itself, how can they possibly break the curse of the ghost ship that has claimed Zorro himself as its new captain? Incredible, lucha libre fight scenes, sword-swinging action, and shocking horror combine in a Zorro tale like you've never seen, written by Mike Wolfer (Night of the Living Dead, Eternal Thirst of Dracula) and illustrated by Alex Miracolo (Zorro: Sacrilege).