The Beyond Vol. 1 (Slipcase Edition)

ACE MAGAZINES - THE BEYOND VOL 1: ISSUE 1 - 5 November 1950 to July 1951 Special Notes: Hoo boy but there's a classy fur-face featured on the cover of the debut issue of Ace Magazines' THE BEYOND and the good vibes don't end there, Pancho, as, of course, you would expect with such a creatives line-up of sketchers and scribblers as are in issues 1 through 5 from the golden years of 1950/51: I mean, hey, we're talking Warren Kremer, Frank Giusto, Don Perlin, Ken Rice, Al Hartley, Maurice Gutwirth, Ace Baker, Mike Sekowsky, Jerry Grandenetti, Louis Zansky, Paul Gattuso, Jim McLaughlin, Charles Nicholas, Lin Streeter, Vince Alascia and Richard Case. Yeah, it starts good and just keeps right on getting gooder. But then it's PS Artbooks, you warriors so get with the program.