Operation: Peril Vol. 1 (Slipcase Edition)

AMERICAN COMICS GROUP - OPERATION PERIL VOL 1: ISSUE 1 - 4 October/November 1950 to April/May 1951 Special Notes: Okay, youse mugs, I gotta level with you now so set a while and listen up. I've had a thing for ACG comics for a looong time but while I've had runs of the company's ADVENTURES INTO THE UNKNOWN and FORBIDDEN WORLDS (not to mention SKELETON HAND and OUT OF THE NIGHT and others) on my shelves I've only ever had but one issue of OPERATION PERIL so this latest title on the PS Artbooks roster is a total winner for me, with issues 1 through 4 boasting stories by Richard Hughes (of course) and artwork by, among others, the one and only Ogden Whitney (double of course!) and yarns of adventure and science fiction in which, f'rinstance Tom and Peggy use their time machine to counter an alien invasion from Saturn; Typhoon Tyler tries to stop Captain Cobra from stealing native gold in the tropics and whole host of other stuff like to make your eyes water. 48 pages! Full-Color! And just one thin dime when it first appeared almost 70 years ago-gee whiz almost 200 pages of comics - what are ya' waitin' for? Just don't make me come and getcha!

Operation: Peril Vol. 1 (Slipcase Edition)
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