BTOOOM! Vol. 18
Things From Another World

BTOOOM! Vol. 18

Yen Press, August 23, 2017

Intended for mature audiences

A new menace attacks the players... Even as Oda severs his ties to the past and splits up from him, Okita stands his ground. However, an unexpected ending awaits them both. The stage once again returns to the final day of the game, and a new battle breaks out!! The surviving players are few, a new weapon is deposited along with its operator, and a new item may be acquired upon the destruction of the new weapon...On the island, fate and fighting intersect. And there's a new development off the island as well!! One more battle enters its next stage... thanks to the actions of a single, precious sacrifice...

Junya Inoue
Cover Illustrator
Junya Inoue
Trade Paperback or Graphic Novel
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