Popeye Classics #61
Things From Another World

Popeye Classics #61

IDW Publishing, August 9, 2017

Hot Dorg! 

This issue hilariously introduces Popeye's two-fisted Granny, Miss Butterfly Poopdeck via a thrill-packed tale where she takes over King Bozo's land of Spinachovia. Plus, ya swabs, read a special Wimpy comic, a tale called "Chained Lightning," a comic called "Cow Thief" with "desert demings," which Popeye calls "The worst kind of peoples there is!" AND a laugh-packed Prof. O. G. Wotasnozzle comic! There's no comic more entertaining than this!

Bud Sagendorf
Cover Illustrator
Bud Sagendorf
Comic Book
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