The Phantom Vol. 1: Danger in the Forbidden City

The Phantom: Danger in the Forbidden City; complete graphic novel collecting the complete story arc of the new Hermes Press Phantom issues #1-6.

Written by Peter David; Artwork by Sal Velluto; Colors by Eugenio Mattozzi; cover by Sal Velluto; colors by Jesus Aburtov; Limited Edition Previews Exclusive Hardcover with new painted cover by Sean Joyce, limited to 500 copies includes, essays, documentary materials, unpublished cover art, all variant covers not available in general distribution; interviews and more.

This all-new six part mini-series written by Peter David with art by Sal Velluto triumphantly returned the original, Ghost Who Walks - The Phantom- to comic books and is now collected together as a deluxe graphic novel.

This classic tale pits The Phantom against the Singh Brotherhood and their metal-handed leader who are intent on plundering an ancient fabled City of Gold. Only The Phantom, Diana and a newly found alley -taken from the pages of the first Phantom adventure- can stop them! Filled with action, suspense, intrigue and surprises that will thrill Phantom fans and lure those only familiar with the legend.

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