Asterix and the Missing Scroll

You'll have to wait until October to discover Asterix and the Missing Scroll, the 36th album of the adventures of Asterix. In the meantime, why not look through all your old albums and make a list of all the regions our gallant warriors have already visited? Because it's official: for this new adventure, Asterix and Obelix will stay in Gaul, as the tradition of Asterix albums dictates. But which region of Gaul remains to be discovered? What will be the theme? And what ruses will Caesar use this time to achieve his ends? Speculation is well underway on social media, but one thing is for sure: there will be battles aplenty! And yes, there will be new characters, including one really nasty one! Yes, there will be potions and Romans who get "walloped". Yes, the plot will be complex and thrilling and yes, there will be jokes about topical issues too... In short, another Asterix just the way we like it, is on its way! So yes, it's official, the Gauls are making a comeback: It seems that Caesar is still in "I came, I saw," mode. As for "I conquered," well we'll see about that!

Cover Illustrator