Ultimate Comics X-Men by Brian Wood Vol. 2

The mutants have proven their worth, and Utopia thrives - but at what cost? Kitty makes a choice that could haunt her forever as Mach Two's jungle insurgency gains strength! Meanwhile, there are eyes in the sky - but who's watching the mutants? And when the new nation comes under siege, with General Ross leading the charge, Jimmy Hudson prepares for war - and Kitty and Mach Two must work together for the good of mutantkind! The big battle for Utopia is here - but when the dust clears, who will lead the mutant nation? Plus: Kitty Pryde faces off against Jean Grey, and we finally get some answers about Psylocke! Collecting ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN #24-28.

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Ultimate Comics X-Men by Brian Wood Vol. 2
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