Higher Earth #1-3: Boom Builder Pack

You Are Illegal On This Earth. Space is dead. Why conquer other planets when there's a perfectly good Earth in the universe next door? Heidi, a girl born in garbage. Rex, a soldier gone rogue. The only thing between them and their destiny is an empire of a hundred different Earths, across a hundred alternate timelines. One majestic planet dominates them all: Higher Earth. Created and written by Sam Humphries (Fanboys vs. Zombies) Higher Earth is his sci-fi follow up to last year's indie hit Our Love Is Real, a fast-paced epic of infinite possibilities. This value-priced 3-pack of the first three issues features Higher Earth #1 (2nd Ptg.), Higher Earth #2 (2nd Ptg.), and Higher Earth #3 (1st Ptg.). With issue #4 coming soon to comic shops across the country, this is an excellent introduction for new readers who are looking for the hottest Sci-Fi titles.

Cover Illustrator