DC Super-Pets: The Fastest Pet On Earth

Introducing the pets of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes. They, too, are working day and night to fight crime and evil in the DC Universe. These early chapter books are sure to engage and delight younger readers. Unleash the power of the Super-Pets! The speedy super-villain Chauncey The Cheetah is loose on Paradise Island! However, Wonder Woman's super-pet, Jumpa The Kangaroo, isn't worried. This blazing-fast bouncer is the quickest critter on Earth. Or is she? When Chauncey challenges Jumpa to a race, the kangaroo must prove her swiftness and her cleverness. But this criminal cat is chasing more than bragging rights. If the Super-Kangaroo doesn't have a few tricks in her pouch, she might lose in more ways than one!