Exciting Comics #39

"The Remarkables" (Carlos Raphael, Leandro Sandoval): As the world teeters on the edge of catastrophe, special agent Aja Marley continues to assemble the most remarkable heroes known to mankind, in hopes of turning the tide and delivering liberty and justice for all.

"Dominion Jack" (Jack Briglio, Hugh Rookwood): In "Making and Breaking...Mom!", Mashup struggles with new revelations about an old foe, Takeover.

Then, in "All On Me", Dominion Jack faces off against Malaise and his own internal malaise over his past deeds. Finally, in "Delegate", the last act to "The Heroic Us" begins!

Ottawa under martial law!

What happened to Dominion Jack?

With both Dominion Jack and Mashup seemingly out of commission, is there anyone left to save the day?

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