2000 AD September 2021 Prog Pack

Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! In Progs 2247-2249, future lawman Judge Dredd is trapped in house of horror in "The House on Bleaker Street"; Dexter and his comrades battle in the sewers in "Somewhere, Beyond the Sea"; Nolan Blake fights for his life in Skip Tracer: "Eden"; Jaegir returns and enters a dark place in "The Path of Kali"; and myths collide in modern-day London in "The Mask of Laverna"! Extra-sized jumping-on Prog 2250 sees the start of new stories - Judge Dredd is targeted in Atlantis in "The Hard Way"; the war with the Martians hots up in Scarlet Traces: Storm Front; demonic troubleshooters The Diaboliks have to hot-foot it out of Italy in "Arrivederci Roma"; Pandora Perfect gets her own series in "Mystery Moon"; and Cyd continues her journey across the universe in "The Out"!

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