The Thirteenth Floor: Home Sweet Home

It's a true tower of terror - Maxwell Tower is the sinister housing block controlled by the homicidal sentient computer caretaker, Max, and woe betide anyone who upsets his residents or threatens to uncover his murderous activities! Max has entered into an unholy partnership with a troubled young man called Sam Bowers. Together they are punishing the ne'er-do-wells who threaten the harmonious lives of the block's residents, taking them to Max's thirteenth floor - a place where nightmare and reality become one! WPC Hester Benedict suspected that something ungodly was happening at Maxwell Tower and went to investigate, causing Max to send her to the thirteenth floor...After a bout of neural programming Hester was let go - after all, she was an innocent. But now her memory is slowly returning, and Hester is ready to pick up where she left off...