This Is Suspense Vol. 2

Charlton Comics fared poorly when measured against the big guns of DC and Marvel, and that's a shame because they had lots to offer! Check out this five-comic volume featuring This Is Suspense #23-26 (Feb. 1955 to Aug. 1955) and the slightly renamed pre-Ditko Strange Suspense Stories, picking up the numbering with #27 in October of 1955. Say what you will (and we know you will!), Charlton had lots to offer, with much of it being fairly serious and semi-adult, with a contributor line-up that boasted Ted Galindo, Dick Giordano, Wally Wood, George Evans, Lou Morales, Pete Morisi, Vic Martin, Marc Swayze, Don Heck, Bill Molno, Sid Check and Stan Campbell. Buy it and show off to lesser mortals! Available in Standard and Slipcased Hardcover editions.