Lark's Killer #2 (Dos Santos Cover)

"Riding Into the Sun."

Lark is on the run again, but this time she has a horse, a head start, and 300 lbs. of battle-scarred meanness on her side in the form of her (almost sober) hired killer, Brenar Frogbarding. What's her mysterious enemy to do now except hire its own top assassin to hunt her down?

LARK'S KILLER is already "one of the BIGGEST EVENTS OF THE COMICS YEAR!"BILL WILLINGHAM returns to independent comics with the monthly LARK'S KILLER, his first original title since 14 EISNER winner FABLES began in 2002. Stunning cover art by JENNY FRISON. Plus variant covers by MARK DOS SANTOS and series creator BILL WILLINGHAM.

Cover Illustrator