The Best of Vampirella (Masters Series)

The finest comic book creators of the modern era delve into the mystery and the macabre in The Best of Vampirella Masters Series! Revisit the greatest tales of horror comics' most iconic heroine with the following stories, each crafted by a legendary team of writers and artists!

"Ascending Evil" by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, and Amanda Conner

"Vampirella Lives" by Warren Ellis and Amanda Conner

"Nowheresville" by Mark Millar and Mike Mayhew

"The New European" by Alan Moore and Gary Frank

"Looking for Mr. Goodwin" by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

"Morning in America" by Kurt Busiek and Louis LaChance

"Blood Lust" by James Robinson and Joe Jusko

"Revelations" by Mike Carey, Mike Lilly, and Mark Texeira

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The Best of Vampirella (Masters Series)
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