Marvel Zombies Vol. 3: Complete Collection

Zombies on infinite earths! First, it's monkey on the menu as the original Marvel Zombies invade the dimension of the Marvel Apes! Then, to uncover an antidote to the zombie plague, Machine Man and Howard the Duck set out across the multiverse - battling zombies in the Wild West, Camelot, a future megacity, during a Martian invasion, and on a world suspiciously similar to our own! But back home, undead clones of the Squadron Supreme have overrun Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., and only a long-dead former Avenger can stop them! And when the Marvel Universe is targeted by a dimension of Nazi zombies, Howard the Duck must assemble a brigade of misfits to beat them back! Collecting MARVEL APES: PRIME EIGHT #1, MARVEL ZOMBIES: EVIL EVOLUTION #1, MARVEL ZOMBIES 5 #1-5, MARVEL ZOMBIES SUPREME #1-5, MARVEL ZOMBIES DESTROY #1-5 and MARVEL ZOMBIES HALLOWEEN #1.

Cover Illustrator