2000 AD Prog 1831

Stunning sci-fi action from the UK's number one anthology comic, featuring some of the best writers and artists in the business! The roster of stories wraps up on Progs 1848 and 1849 with Slaine, The Ten-Seconders, and Age of the Wolf all coming to a close and making way for a brand-new line-up in Prog 1850 - dinosaur savagery as the cowboys of Trans-Time face a new threat in "Flesh: Badlanders"; Wren's journey across the wheel of worlds takes a dramatic turn when civil war breaks out in "Brass Sun: The Diamond Age"; humanity battles the space invaders once again in the second series of "Damnation Station"; and soulless killer Aquila walks the streets of Rome in "Where All Roads Lead" Plus more zero-tolerance law enforcement with Judge Dredd!