Venom: Circle of Four

Struggling to cope with his father's death, Flash Thompson is emotionally depleted and slowly losing his battle with the Venom symbiote for control of his mind. When his nemesis Jack O'Lantern blackmails Flash into serving the Crime-Master, Flash steals the symbiote from Project Rebirth and travels to Las Vegas to retrieve a dangerous package. With the Red Hulk chasing him, can Venom complete his mission and save his loved ones from the merciless Crime-Master? When a portal to Hell opens in the middle of Sin City, spewing forth the hordes of the underworld, Venom and Red Hulk must set aside their differences and join Ghost Rider and X-23 on a crusade to stop the spread of Hell on Earth. These tarnished heroes must wrestle free of their own personal demons and band together to save the world in its darkest hour! Collecting VENOM (2011) #10-14 and #13.1-13.4.

Cover Illustrator