Kizuna Vol. 4

Intended for mature audiences

Life changes are in the air for our couples as sudden events change everything. Ranmaru is called home by his grandfather, who wants him to return to the dojo and take up kendo again, despite his only partially recovery from the accident that cemented his bond to Kei. Meanwhile Kei has family troubles of his own. His half brother Kai appears to be running amok in the pleasure district, running with thugs that have nothing to do with the Sagano family's syndicate. In the meantime, Araki is in Tokyo on syndicate business. Someone is messing about using their name, and it appears to eb tied to an old grudge, the very one that put the young Kei's life in danger and destroyed Ranmaru's body. The bonds are becoming ever more knotted, but will the strain cause them to break? Or can love and dedication overcome all?

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