Muppets Presents: Family Reunion

It's the Muppet Show - and as usual, things are unusual backstage! It's family reunion time, and the relatives are coming out of the woodwork. Scooter's twin sister, Skeeter, shows up to make him feel like a nerd. Piggy's nephews, Randy and Andy Pig, are causing a ruckus by trying to help backstage. Kermit's nephew, Robin, is afraid his uncle wants to put him in the orphanage. And Fozzie's mom visits and finds out her son isn't the detective he told her he was. Plus: Pigs in Space, the Swedish Chef, a trip to Veterinarian's Hospital and the Great Gonzo firing Skeeter - dressed in a chicken suit - into a giant bowl of Tapioca. What else could you want?

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