Red Sonja: The She-Devil with a Sword Vol. 2: Arrowsmith

Red Sonja returns to the outskirts of Hyrkania where she finds a young girl not unlike herself from so many years ago. As the two make war upon a band of outlaws, the She-Devil and her young companion learn first-hand of the harsh realities of survival in the ever-more-brutal world. Along the way, the mysterious Hunter makes his presence known to Sonja in a most shocking way, and the path is laid for the return of the greatest Villain of the Age ? Kulan Gath!

This second collection of all-new Red Sonja stories from Dynamite Entertainment includes #8-12 of the Red Sonja series. Featuring both the "Arrowsmith" storyline and the prologue to the "Return of Kulan Gath" these issues forever alter the world of Red Sonja as the She-Devil faces a darker, changing world. Includes stories by Michael Avon Oeming with art by Mel rubi, Lee Moder, Pablo Marcos, and Stephen Sadowski, along with a complete cover gallery filled with the best artists working in comics today.

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