Captain Momo's Secret Base Vol. 1

Intended for mature audiences

New manga from the creator of Emanon. Moshi-Moshi Momo works from home like many people-in a den crowded with books and papers, shared with a cat that's got its own agenda. Except Momo truly does possess office

space-because she lives inside a starship, and relativity means Zoom meetings need half an hour just to ask a question! In the year 3019, humanity has gotten even more work casual: most of the time, Momo doesn't bother to wear her captain's uniform-or anything at all-onboard the cargo vessel Blue Chateau, as she struggles against interstellar tedium, company directives, low battery strength, and her ever-underfoot cat John. But fear not, for equipped with plenty of reading material and a crate of peach liqueur, in the long haul past Proxima Centauri space slacker Captain Momo will at last prove Newton correct-a body at rest will remain at rest!

Presented shrink-wrapped with Mature Audiences advisory notice.