Quested, Season 2 #4 (Wallis Cover)

Cover by Kit Wallis, the artist behind such series as Mr Eastah, Warcorns, Good Boy, Hellicious, and the series artist on QUESTED!

The misadventures continue in a brand new season of by writers Michael Calero (Alpha Betas, Sumerian's American Psycho) and Thomas Parson, with art by Kit Wallis (Good Boy, Mr.Easta).

"One, Two, Three, Four, We Don't Want No King No More" Who knew the afterlife could be such...well, . Hamo returns to Ferryman HQ only to find his ferry men have organized. With the ferry men on strike, souls are left to meander and Hamo has no time to regain control. With only Charlie remaining loyal, Hamo has few choices to settle the strike and catch up with Jinx and Gil.

Cover Illustrator
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