Tangled River #8 (Jenni Gregory Cover)

Intended for mature audiences

Michael Cohen, co-creator of STRANGE ATTRACTORS, is launching a new series entitled TANGLED RIVER!

It is a heartfelt coming-of-age tale, set against a science fiction backdrop. Tanya is an artistic teen, living on a distant Earth colony, where all technology has mysteriously stopped working. One day, she sees a mysterious object in the sky, and finds herself thrown into an adventure that transforms her entire life. In this eighth issue, Tanya and Clarissa enter the crashed colony ship "Terra Nova" and start to explore. What they find will change Tanya's life forever.

This issue has a standard cover by Michael Cohen, a variant cover by Jenni (DreamWalker) Gregory, and a guest artist variant cover by Jenni (DreamWalker) Gregory!

Cover Illustrator