Sim City: The Issue After

Batvark stars...illegally! "Man of La Mancha" with Francis as Sancho Panz and Jingles as Sancho Panza's Donkey! Good thing Band-Aid Face and his Thompson submachine gun stuck around from the Sin City parody to protect CIH? from a potential lawsuit. Also! CIH? campaigns for the Steve Martin Prize For Excellence In Banjo And Bluegrass ($50k!!) Then, mid-book; Teenage Money-Nabbing Cerebi No.0! You thought that they died? Nuh-UH, Bunky! It's the Shock Surprise Sequel of this or any other year! Dead characters that come back to life! Don't miss their debut rooftop performance of "Imagine There's No Pipelines"!

Sim City: The Issue After
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