Assassinistas #4 (Ganucheau Cover)

Intended for mature audiences

"Stay Sexy, Don't Get Replaced."

THEN: Rox returns with new scars. Not a metaphor; she's been shot a bunch.

NOWish: Dominic gets the hang of his summer job, finally.

LATER: Remember Carlos?

* Modern Family. Retro Sass. Highly Trained. To Kick your Ass. ASSASSINISTAS!

* Eisner Hall of Fame Artist Gilbert Hernandez teams up with rising star writer Tini Howard (The Skeptics, Magdelena, Rick and Morty) for a full-octane action-and-family-drama assault!

* Don't miss the RI variant from acclaimed artist Paulina Ganucheau (Jem, Zodiac Starforce)!

Cover Illustrator