The Metabaron: The Meta-Guardianess & The Techno-Baron FCBD 2018 Special

The Metabaron Book 3: The adventure continues in this spin-off series of "The Incal" and "The Metabarons," two of the best-selling graphic novels of all time.

Featuring the exclusive first part and art pages of The Metabaron Book 3: The Meta-Guardianess and the Techno-Baron, the latest chapter in the new cycle of one of the most influential sci-fi graphic novel series of all time: The Metabarons. Written by Alejandro Jodorowsky and drawn by Juan Gimenez, The Metabarons changed the face of science fiction storytelling and is now a cornerstone of the Jodoverse. This new series is a collaboration between writers Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jerry Frissen, and features the stunning work of talented artists Valentin Secher, Niko Henrichon and Esad Ribic. In Book 3, the Metabaron enters a parallel universe to find more epiphyte, in order to save his own universe.