Grimm Fairy Tales: Steampunk
Things From Another World

Grimm Fairy Tales: Steampunk

Zenescope, March 22, 2017

In an alternate Steam Punk reality, Cinderella, Robyn Hood, Calie Liddle, Captain Hook, and many other of the most popular Grimm Universe characters live in a stunning but dangerous world unlike any you've seen before.

When a group of outlaws led by the infamous Robyn Locksley pulls off a major heist, her and her crew are hunted down by the local Sheriff named Shang, an assassin called Cinderella and an extremely dangerous gangster who owns the town: Sela Mathers.

This special Steampunk collection is a must have for any fan of Zenescope's Grimm Universe!

Patrick Shand
Ryan Fassett
Noah Salonga
Annapaola Martello
Cover Illustrator
Robby Bevard
Trade Paperback or Graphic Novel
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