Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero
Things From Another World

Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero

Drawn and Quarterly, March 22, 2017

Sticks Angelica is, in her own words, "49 years old. Former: Olympian, poet, scholar, sculptor, minister, activist, Governor General, entrepreneur, line cook, headmistress, Mountie, columnist, libertarian, cellist." After a high-profile family scandal, Sticks escapes to the woods to live in what would be relative isolation were it not for the many animals that surround and inevitably annoy her. Deforge's witty dialogue and deadpan narration create a bizarre yet eerily familiar tale of how we build our own sense of self and how others carry on the roles we create for them in our own personal dramas.

Michael DeForge
Cover Illustrator
Michael DeForge
Trade Paperback or Graphic Novel
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