Lady Death: Dark Horizons #1 (Box Set)

Intended for mature audiences

Includes an edition never before available!

One of the most difficult issues to get all the covers of, Lady Death Dark Horizons was a one shot that featured a ton of stunning cover images.

This huge box set includes all of them!

These are all original first printing copies.

This amazing Deluxe Collector Box set features all 12 of the original covers - Regular, Action, Mythic, Friends, Martin, Premium, Arabian Night, Under Attack, Majestic, Hell's Army, Lost, and Up Close-

plus four foil editions!

The rare Platinum Foil, Prism Foil and Gold Foil Editions as well as the never-before-offered Blood Red Foil (only available in this box set)!

Limited to just 100 sets!

Cover Illustrator