City in the Desert Vol. 2: The Serpent Crown

Intended for mature audiences

WHY WE LOVE IT: In this sequel to the critically acclaimed first volume City in the Desert: The Monster Problem, we get more of writer/illustrator Moro Rogers' wit, heart, and daring. Also, Hari and Irro are our very favorite sardonic heroes, and we get to watch them kick more monster butt.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Rogers' sense of visual storytelling and her blend of mysticism and humor bring to life an adventure perfect for fans of Bone, Avatar: The Last Airbender, reMIND, and Plume.

WHAT ITS' ABOUT: Irro and Hari leave the walls of Kevala to seek new lives elsewhere. However, when they discover that the evils of the Sacred Peace have spread far beyond Kevala's borders, our heroes decide to return and save the city they love. Before they can do that, though, they must journey across the wastelands to the prison of the Monster King, and release him in exchange for his help.

Cover Illustrator